What Affects Your Insurance Rates?

I was talking to a friend about what I was going to be getting my teen for Christmas. I know that he said getting custom number plates would be perfect for him. There are a number of people who will tell you that they do not know what to say to get their rates up on their insurance policies, but telling them that your kid hit something without reporting it could count against you. I was telling my friends that things like a car color or a custom plate would not drive up the insurance cost. I do not understand how it would be legal for an insurance underwriter to say that people who drive a certain car color would be more likely to get into an accident. I do not think that it is reasonable for people to to say that a certain color of car is more likely to get into an accident.

Many car colors are actually fads, that is why I was looking at the classic car colors for my son’s custom plate. I thought that he would really like a classic car color for his plate because he has a gorgeous older car that is white and any color plate would look really good on it. I did not even think of getting him a plate for the holiday but my husband and I went to the local car show where we had a great time looking at the different cars and their plates. Many people said that it was important for us to go to the car shows to find the type of plate that I would like to buy for my son. I asked a man where he got his plate and he told me that he made it, I told him what I wanted and he told me he could make it for me.

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