Taking the Restlessness out of Sleeping

My wife and I have some funny moments in our bed, and that’s not even taking into account the intimate moments. We toss and turn during our sleep and by the time we wake up, we’re in some weird shape that was nothing like when we first went to bed. We hated our bed and wanted to get a new one that would give us a better sleep. We heard about Sleep Matters from a friend and went to their site to see some of the new beds that were on the market for a couple of restless sleepers like us.

One of the mattresses on the website that really caught our eye was a particular memory foam mattress that had a cooling gel in it. Sometimes we get hot when sleeping, even though we have the air turned down to a cold temperature. We figured that the cooling gel would really help us stay cool in the summer time, and during the winter, it wouldn’t matter, because the heater would be on anyway. It was a good thing that the bed we found as well within our price range. I’ve seen some beds that can be pretty pricey.

I placed the order for the bed and it arrived in no time. After doing a little shuffling to get the old bed out of our home and put the new bed in place, we were ready to test it out. We hopped into the bed and prepared for a nice long sleep. Within minutes, we were off to dream land and didn’t toss or turn once. That was the best sleep that either of us had in a while. The sleep is so good that sometimes I come close to sleeping through my alarm and nearly become late for work sometimes.

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