I Have Been Packing Boxes

I have been working at this job and it got me to thinking about how it works. This place is right across from the ambulance station off of Highway 29 and they have a catalog, which they sell tools out of. They also build car lifts, although not the sort of one you would see in a real garage. I go in early in the morning and I start packing boxes, then I keep doing that all day long. It got me to thinking and I found something called a 7 figure cycle review. They teach you how to make money by having some other person do the job that I do, which is exactly what I was looking to do. Continue reading “I Have Been Packing Boxes”

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The Lessons I Learned from My First Award Plaques

I still remember the very first award plaque I received which motivated me to practice harder and started my journey to collect even more plaques in the future. I was ten and I participated in a dancing competition. I practiced really hard and I performed really well so I know I was going to go home with one of the trophies.

I was right and I delightedly went home with a tall first place trophy and some cash. But the surprise came one week later when the competition committee informed me that they are sending award plaques for the winners. My ten years old self was really happy when I receive the plaque, even more happy than when I bought a new bicycle with the prize money.

Award Plaques

It was actually just a simple small brass plaque with a weird cursive font. But what made me really proud was the fact that contrary with the trophy I directly received at the competition site, the award plaque had my name on it. It was just really nice to receive something that was custom made for me as a recognition for my achievement.

But after reading the plaque several times, I finally realized something that made me want to cry right away. My name was written wrongly! It was only one letter missing and it didn’t erase the fact that I was still the winner, but still. I felt like the plaque didn’t belong to me anymore. It was just a simple task how can get they write my name wrong? Well, it was not really a pleasant experience and it still baffled me until this day. But at least, as a winner that I am, I always managed to find the silver lining out of everything.

Brass Plaque Is Really Nice

I have received many plaques and awards ever since but it is safe to conclude that brass plaque is simply my favorite. Brass plaques need more maintenance compared to other materials but it has a classic look that just look perfect when it is put among other decorations. I still have my first brass plaque up to this day. It does have some scratches but since I polished it regularly it still looks beautiful.

Make Sure Everything Is Written Right

I don’t know who was at fault regarding the tragedy of my very first award plaque, whether it is the committee or the plaque maker. But now that I often ordered plaques for various events myself, I will make sure that no one will have the same bad experience with what I had. When I order a plaque, I always double check everything and I choose a reputable plaque maker that will not mess up my order.

Furthermore, I also always pay attention to what is written on the plaque. I always include some heartwarming messages to make the plaque more personal. Despite of the wrong name, the short motivational message written on my award plaque really touched my heart. So, I always make sure the person who will receive the plaque will feel the sincerity and the plaque will not be just another thing that clutters their desk.


How Can MIT Students Be Wrong?

I found a Snapchat account hacker online that really works. This is important to state because before I found one that worked I found many that didn’t. I also found a few that were so clogged with viruses and malware that I had to wipe my computer to get it to work again. Care must be taken when looking for any hacking tool because far too many malcontents create something like this as a way to hack your computer or mobile device. I guess the thinking goes that you’re trying to hack an app so you deserve whatever you get.

That wasn’t my intention at all when looking for a good Snapchat hacking tool. I had a couple of old accounts that I needed to get into but I lost my passwords. Continue reading “How Can MIT Students Be Wrong?”

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Semalt Explains How To Fight Botnet Malware

The use of botnets is a relatively new phenomenon. Their usage in attacks for the last ten years has resulted in costly damages for the victims. Therefore, there is a lot of effort put in protecting against botnet malware, or shutting them down altogether wherever possible.

Ivan Konovalov, the Semalt expert, explains that the word botnet consists of two words: Bot, which refers to a virus-infected computer, and Net which is a series of networks linked together. It is impossible for the people that develop and control malware to operate the computers they hack into manually. They, therefore, result to using botnets which do so automatically. The malware uses the network to spread to other computers.

When your computer becomes infected with malware and becomes part of a botnet, the one controlling it can perform background processes remotely. These activities may not be visible to people using a lower internet bandwidth. An anti-malware product is the best way to detect the presence of malware. Alternatively, tech-savvy users can look at the programs currently running or installed on the system.

A botnet is the work of a person with malicious intent. They have several uses such as sending spam and stealing information. The greater the number of “bots” in one’s possession is, the more significant the damage they can cause. For example, organized criminal gangs use botnets to steal financial information to commit fraud, or to spy on unsuspecting users and use the illegally obtained information to extort them.

The command and control server acts as the primary entry point from which other computers connect to the network. For most botnets, if the command and control server shuts down, the entire botnet collapses. There are certain exceptions to this, however. The first is where botnets use peer-to-peer communications and do not have a command and control server. The second is the botnets that have more than one command and control servers located in different countries. It is harder to block bots fitting this description.

The same risks that people fear from malware programs also apply to botnets. The most common attacks are to steal sensitive information, overload website servers with the intention of bringing them down or send spam. An infected computer that is part of a botnet does not belong to the owner. The attacker remotely runs it and mostly for illegal activities.

Botnets are a threat to both corporate and personal devices. Nevertheless, corporate devices have better security and monitoring protocols. It goes without saying that they have more sensitive data to protect.

No particular group is more vulnerable than the other. The malware used can take different forms depending on the intended target group.

Conficker is the biggest botnet currently on record as it was known to infect computers very quickly. However, the developers never got to use it due to the increased attention and scrutiny it attracted from the research community. Others include Storm and TDSS.

ESET recently discovered a botnet in their investigation into Operation Windigo. It had infected over 25,000 servers. Its purpose was to redirect malicious content to users’ computers, steal their credentials, and send spam messages to contacts on that computers.

No single operating system is safe from attacks by malicious software. The people using Mac devices are quite familiar with the Flashback malware.

Preventing Against Botnets

  • An anti-malware program is a place to start when combating botnets. Identifying possible malware in the network traffic is easy.
  • Raise awareness and educate people concerning the threat. People need to realize that infected computers pose a threat to themselves and others.
  • Take all infected computers offline and conduct thorough checks on the drives to make sure they are clean.
  • A collaborative effort from the users, researchers, ISPs, and the authorities.

Digital marketing agency: why we need it

If you are intending to start a new business, the first and foremost thing that you need to remember is how to promote your organization. The conventional days are gone when marketing agency services are considered tobe an expensive affair. With the increase in competition over the years, companies are now considering to invest in digital marketing in order to gain more potentiality and competitive edge over others. The main aim of hiring these agencies is to gain strong online presence and get ahead of the competition. Several organizations set aside a separate budget for online marketing. Now let us take a quick glimpse of the advantages.


This sort of marketing is much cheaper than that of offline marketing. Earlier organizations had limited scope or option to promote their brand on print media and television which happens to be quite expensive one. But as the time changed and social media took over, companies started exploring digital media which is actually quite cheaper and economical than offline. The company has to pay a certain fixed amount of money per month to the agency and get their brands promoted. These agencies are also professional and know how to live up to the expectations of their customers.

Digital marketing agency

Specialization and globalization

The competition of attracting customers comes from several channels these days. With the evolution of technology, the competition that was confined more or less locally has been much more widespread. Today the competition has spread on a global level with competitors fighting with each other for a piece of market share everywhere, May it be local or international. And what better could be to reach out to the world through the social media. A digital marketing agency Malaysia can be of great help in such times because they have experience of working with multiple clients and subsequently have in-depth knowledge and best tactics that can help in devising the best marketing strategies. It is very much essential in todays’ time because of the changing environment. If a business fails to adapt to the market conditions, it would not be able to survive for a long period of time. These sorts of agencies are the best bet for creating long term strategies.

Services offered

One should know the things to be considered when selecting such agencies that provide services of SEO Malaysia. One must take a close look at the nature and variety of services that these agencies offer. A good agency must provide as many services as possible under one roof. This would save your trouble of finding another company for any specific service as you can delegate all your digital marketing needs to that company. These sorts of agencies generally offer web design and development, search engine optimization and marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, online advertisement, reputation management etc. You can go through the testimonials and portfolio of the potential agency you are looking for in order to get an idea about their whereabouts. The feedback from the previous customers could provide you a guideline regarding how the agency works and what their loopholes are.

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