No Longer Hiding the Head

Over the past year, every time I would go outside, I would wear a hat, even if the weather didn’t really call for me. My friend noticed this and asked me why I was wearing hats all of the time. I told him that it was because my hair started to thin and I didn’t want anyone to see. My friend told me that I should check out some Keranique reviews, because he heard that the product would be great for thinning hair. I took his advice and looked for reviews from different sites, all of which were pretty positive on the product.

Even though the product had such a positive reception, I was a little hesitant to buy it because I just didn’t want to spend the money on any products. I searched for at home remedies that would restore my hair, but none of them seemed to be as effective as the product. I eventually broke down and bought the product and I’m glad I did, because it was everything I ever hoped for and more. Not only did the product bring back my thinning hair, but it also made my hair look luxurious and full of volume.

I put my hats back into the closet, except in cases where I would need them for bad weather. My friend and his keen eyes noticed my lack of hats and mentioned that the product really worked well. I asked my friend how he heard about the product, and he said that the family member of a friend of a friend claimed that it worked for her, and she had been passing that story around to as many people as possible. I guess she won’t be the only one spreading around stories about the product now that I’ve experienced success with it.

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