My Lashes Are Thicker and Stronger Now

I have tried two different ethis yelash serums before trying Latisse. Because of the results I had from the other two, I nearly did not buy Latisse. I am so glad that I took a chance though when I saw an ad for Latisse buy online. I almost ignored it, figuring if the other two lash serums did not work, then this one would not either. There was something about the website that captured my attention though, so I took my time going over it to see if it really was worth my time to go ahead and buy Latisse online and give it the old college try.

The first thing I did was look at some testimonials. The other two serums that I purchased had a lot of information as well as testimonials, but they did not have pictures where I was actually able to see the change in a person’s eyelashes. I guess the other two websites did not have it because they simply did not work how they were supposed to. Seeing longer and thicker lashes on the same women who shared their pictures of thin and brittle eyelashes was a real eye opener for me.

I did not stop my research there though. I still wanted to see why this serum was different, and also I wanted to see if there was a different method on how to apply the serum. Everything I read was very straight forward, and I took the plunge. When the serum was delivered, I started using it that same day. I knew that I would not see any results for a while, but I was surprised when it was just a few weeks later when I saw a difference. I love having thicker and longer lashes, and they are so much stronger now too.

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