Migrating to a New Exchange

My favorite cryptocurrency exchange decided to shut down one day. They gave a warning to all of their users that they would be closing the website and people would not be able to access any funds they had on it, so they should transfer everything to their own personal wallets or to another exchange. I had been using that exchange for years, so this was a big disappointment and inconvenience for me. While looking around for an exchange that would be as good as or better than the previous one, I found Yobit. The website looked pretty good, so I transferred my currency from my wallets into this new exchange.

The new exchange was pretty identical in interface to the old one, and it had the same currencies, which was even better. Many of the other ones came close, but they were missing a couple of currencies that would have made them the perfect choice. Once I transferred everything over, it was back to business as usual. I was watching the currency values change with their little candles just like before, debating over whether I should buy or sell. Trading currency can be satisfying in this way, but it can also be a little aggravating.

There’s an interesting dice option on the website as well, where users can bet their currency for a chance to earn more. As someone who gets too easily into gambling, I wanted to stay away, because I was afraid of losing all of my earnings, but the temptation was just too great. I did limit myself to only making bets of a certain amount, and that if I lost 10 times, I would stop betting. I won six times in a row at first, then lost 4 times, then won two more, and lost one, and won three, and then lost five and quit.

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