I Wanted to Make a Relaxing Place to Enjoy Each Day

I decided that I wanted a nice yard that I could spend time in. First, I worked with a Queens tree service company that came over to help me with my trees. I don’t know the first thing about pruning them or keeping them nice. In fact, most of them are older trees, and I’ve never even watered them. After they were done with their work, I spent some time thinking about what exactly I wanted to do to the rest of the yard. I had never done any sort of landscaping before, and I knew that I would need to take my time to really get things right.

I have both a front and backyard, and both of them are rather large. I’m lucky to have so much space because that seems sort of rare for homeowners to have these days. I bought my home 25 years ago, and big yards were the norm back then. Now, many home builders try to cram as many houses on one street as they possibly can, leaving little room for nice, grassy areas. That would make me really unhappy to deal with daily.

I decided that I wanted to put a vegetable garden in behind my home. I bought a lot of books to learn how to grow one. Then, after I figured out where I wanted to put it, I then thought about the bushes and flowers that I wanted to plant around the rest of my yard. I chose to put the veggie garden in first because I wanted to use vegetable seeds. I knew that while those seeds were busy growing, I would have plenty of free time to put in fully grown flowers and bushes. I laid everything out on paper so that I could use the diagrams to do all the work in the way that I imagined.

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