I Needed to Find out About My Son

If I hadn’t found a Kik hack online, and one that actually delivered on its promises, there’s a very good chance that my son would not be alive today. It’s easy to shrug off your kid’s bad behavior today as just kids being kids, but it really is harder for them today. I think the technology is making it easier for them to get into trouble, and in some cases it is trouble that can cost them their lives. My son had a very serious drug problem and we didn’t even know about it. He was able to hide the problem.

The reason he was able to hide the problem is because of technology. I’m sure of it. I mean, when I was a kid it was a lot harder to get into that sort of trouble. For one thing, everyone knew everyone else and they’d call your parents if they saw you up to no good. Also, we didn’t have all these communication apps that can keep conversations about bad things a secret. Back then you had a phone and more often than not someone would overhear you talking about drinking and you’d get into trouble.

My so was able to use his app to keep in contact with his drug dealer. We had no idea until he overdosed and almost died. He wouldn’t tell us where he got the drugs, so I got his phone and looked for a hack to see if I could get into the app and find out who his dealer was. I went online and found a really easy hack to use. Even this adult could use it quite easily. In very short order I got into his account and was able to figure out where he got the drugs. I turned over everything to the police. Weird that hacking can be a good thing.

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