I Have Been Packing Boxes

I have been working at this job and it got me to thinking about how it works. This place is right across from the ambulance station off of Highway 29 and they have a catalog, which they sell tools out of. They also build car lifts, although not the sort of one you would see in a real garage. I go in early in the morning and I start packing boxes, then I keep doing that all day long. It got me to thinking and I found something called a 7 figure cycle review. They teach you how to make money by having some other person do the job that I do, which is exactly what I was looking to do. I figured that the hard part of the work was easily farmed out, this is something that they call a fulfillment center. In this scheme you have to find a product, which you buy. Then you send it to a place where people like me will pack it up and ship it out once some person buys it.

That sounds simple, but it is a big mean world and you are going to be the smallest fish in the sea. You would have to figure out what you should buy and how much you could sell it at, making a profit and still getting the product to move. The big guys like Jeff Bezos are going to crush you if you go head to head with them, so it is better if you have something that they do not. Obviously that is really difficult. The stuff that Amazon does not sell is stuff that no one wants to buy. They have just about everything under the sun and they are going to sell it for a price few can match.

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