How Can MIT Students Be Wrong?

I found a Snapchat account hacker online that really works. This is important to state because before I found one that worked I found many that didn’t. I also found a few that were so clogged with viruses and malware that I had to wipe my computer to get it to work again. Care must be taken when looking for any hacking tool because far too many malcontents create something like this as a way to hack your computer or mobile device. I guess the thinking goes that you’re trying to hack an app so you deserve whatever you get.

That wasn’t my intention at all when looking for a good Snapchat hacking tool. I had a couple of old accounts that I needed to get into but I lost my passwords. Since I’m all about security and don’t create passwords that consist of 123456 or something similar, it wasn’t going to be a situation of where I could just guess the password. All of my passwords consist of numbers, letters, and at least one character. They’re usually at least ten to twelve digits long as well. So you can imagine how difficult it would be to just try and log in.

I picked the the hacking tool that ultimately worked because the about page said that the people behind the tool are students at MIT. Obviously, students at the finest tech school in the country know what they’re doing. The school is always on the cutting edge of anything tech related so I went into the tool figuring it would work. Still, could they crack what is considered a complicated password? The only way to know is to give it a try and I’m here to say it absolutely did work. I’m glad but sort of worried at the same time because someone might use this against my account!

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