A Security System is What I Needed

Not long ago, I read an article about Brisbane crime prevention. It really got me to thinking about some things that I had just not considered before. I do trust other people, and this made me realize that maybe I am too trusting. I would sometimes go to my neighbor’s house for a cup of tea and not even lock my door. I had the mentality that nothing bad can happen to me because everyone I know is good. Well, that leaves a lot of people that I do not know, and there are some of them that are not so good.

That article really opened up my eyes in a lot of ways. I realized I needed to start locking my doors anytime I step away from the house, even if it is just to garden in the backyard. We are living in different times now, and I just had to adjust myself so I am as safe as I can be. That meant not only locking my doors but also thinking about a security system. That is how much times have changed! When I was a kid, no one locked their doors. Up until recently, I only locked mine if I was going to be away further than my neighbor’s house.

Today though, I have a state of the art security system because the simple truth is, locks don’t keep bad people out all the time. The article that I read talked about other ways people get into the house, which can be through windows or even by force. The system I have has alarms on all the windows, even the upper floor windows, and there are also cameras. The locksmith company I hired to install this has assured me it is the best, and I definitely feel safer now. I hate what this world has become, but I am thankful that there are still people helping others feel as safe as I do now.

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