A Real Lesson in Responsibility

I admit that when I was younger I did not respect the value of a dollar. I took money for granted. I did not realize how hard my parents worked for what they had. My parents always bought me everything I needed and wanted. I think that they were trying to make me happy, but in the process did not realize that they were spoiling me. When I finally went to college, they had enough of my wasteful ways. I had to get a job. The coffee shop used machines from Cuppabean where I worked. It was a really hard lesson that I learned in life.

While I was in college, my spending habits were out on control. I figured since I had a scholarship and my parents had thee money, I could spend what I wanted. I used some of my credit cards to deck out my dorm room. I got a big-screen plasma television and a new stereo system. I had the softest sheets on my bed. My wardrobe also was also top notch. I had the most expensive pair of shoes and clothes on campus. I thought I was hot stuff.

One day, I received a call from my father. He told me that I was spending too much money and that he was putting me on a budget. He told me that I would have to return some of the stuff I purchased and get a job. My parents would still support my basic needs, but I had to pay for my own car insurance and school books.

I saw a job opening a local coffee shop. I took it. I was immediately hired. The job was a lot harder than I thought. I was hard taking order and doing it very quickly without screwing up the orders. The coffee machines recommended by Cuppabean were amazing. They were easy to use and made quality coffee.

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