4 Rules to Follow when Hiring Las Vegas Escorts

While every escort service in Vegas has their own guidelines, there are some things that are considered universal. If you would like to avoid having an experience that is less than stellar, you should make it a point to keep these 4 rules in mind.

1. Do Not Bring A Friend

This is not show and tell, so bringing a friend is not something you should ever consider. Las Vegas escorts have to worry about so many things and going to a meeting place and being greeted by unexpected people should not be added to the list. Be alone unless you have specifically stated there will be additional parties involved.

2. Do Not Ask For Illegal Drugs

You should never assume that all Las Vegas escorts have some type of connection to the drug underworld. While meeting for a drink is always fun, asking about illegal drugs is a great way to ruin the entire evening and possibly have your time cut short.

3. Respect All Limits

There are escorts out there ready to accommodate all, so do not try forcing someone to do something they are not into. If you make a request and you are told that what you asked for is not available, you need to stop at that point. Respect the fact that this is a limit. If worse comes to worse, you can always look for another girl.

4. Be Personable

When using escorts, you are paying for their time, not their minds or bodies. This means that you need to be nice and respectful. Never treat someone like you own them. That is rude and totally unacceptable.

As long as you remember all of this information moving forward, you should avoid having any issues the next time you are in the mood to hire an escort.

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